Soul Food

I Am Smiling For You

I plan my content weeks beforehand. I make a schedule for the month, if it is a photoblog have pictures taken well in advance and try my best to ensure that everything I put on here is clearly expressed. Enough to build someone up. Make someone laugh. Connect with someone. Enlighten. Entertain. Sometimes, I feel like… Continue reading I Am Smiling For You

Cardiffer Student Life

International Friends TAG

So you get to university, meet new people and realise that they are bodies carrying  a wealth of knowledge, interests, history, culture and identity. It is so overwhelming you probably are a bit lost as to what questions to ask;" Where do I even start?" Before I continue, how about a pro tip on where not… Continue reading International Friends TAG

Soul Food

How Do You Learn To Love Yourself?

How often do you look back at it? Your journey, your life, your story? I have been here 22.8 years. That's 272 months. Approximately: 1,185 weeks; 8,300 days; 497,952 hours. Mine, has been nothing short of a magnificent love story between God and I. So many transcendent moments that serve as reminders of just how much… Continue reading How Do You Learn To Love Yourself?

Soul Food

New Chapters & Overcoming Fear

Hello, It's Me. I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet...haha! I find it so hard to resist breaking into Hello by Adele whenever I use the word, well, "hello". On the real though, hey guys! It has been so long, too long, since I last blogged. Honestly, a part of… Continue reading New Chapters & Overcoming Fear