Soul Food

New Chapters & Overcoming Fear


It’s Me.

I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…haha! I find it so hard to resist breaking into Hello by Adele whenever I use the word, well, “hello”.

On the real though, hey guys!

It has been so long, too long, since I last blogged.

Honestly, a part of me has been relieved because not giving myself on here means less vulnerability. Less access. Less openess to judgement. Yaay fear, right? Wrong, goes my soul. The part of me that knows that lying myself out of doing something I genuinely enjoy because of the uncertainty tied to it is self-betrayal.

Writing, now, as I write, feels like returning home. 

I am therefore choosing to honour: My soul. My purpose. My existence.

I have learnt a thing or two about fear in this time. Including: fear is here to stay. When we’re after the things we most want, when taking necessary risks, turning the page, fear will always try to fit its way into our plans.  Whether it serves as a lingering feeling or a way of life is entirely up to you. Run away from it and you give it power, you allow it to grow and start running things. Face it, eye to eye, nose to nose, as in head to head and you will always come out victorious. Stronger. Wiser. And in the driver’s seat of your life, where you belong.

Face it, that’s how you get through.

Ask yourself, Faith or fear? Because it really is either or. 

Of all the overused metaphors on the planet, life as a book has got to be amongst my top five.  Never did symbolism look so fine. A new day as a new page, a new experience as a new chapter, an endless string of beautiful words, our conversations. The suspense, our moments of uncertainty, the tension, our moments of difficulty and the climaxes, our moments of joy. Like a great book, life is beautiful. It’s worth being celebrated and lived to the full. It’s worth making the most of every single breath, time spent with loved ones and opportunities to be better than we were yesterday.

Do not get stuck on any one page: good or bad. Keep turning, keep going, keep growing. The story of your life is much greater than this one moment. 

So here I am. Turning the page. Beginning a new chapter. And I could not be more excited.

On that note, subscribe to my blog and youtube channel darlings, I’d love to have you be characters in my book 😉

Love and Love,



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