Edwin G Mwai (Product Designer)

One blazing summer’s day in the snug city of Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom, I attended the Coventry University Industrial Design Degree Show: an enthralling exhibition showcasing fresh-off-final year talent from interior to product to automative (+ transport) design.It was nothing short of “wow”, “this is amazing”, “how did he do that”. People out here are mad talented! You bet it was that much more exciting to have my friend’s work amongst the bountiful eye candy.


Edwin Mwai is a budding product designer, a talented artist, a protean creative.

Processed with VSCO

Beyond the academic as well as industrial experience, he has designed art work for a number of creatives in our circles, including my first blog’s logo. Not to mention, he also blazed the trail in inventive facebook profile pictures. You know, back when we were teenagers and these things mattered.


His artistic journey began when he discovered that he could skilfully and visually articulate imagery through pen on paper at six years old but knew that this is something he would like to professionally pursue in 2007.

Creatives will tell you, heck, anyone will tell you, talent is never enough on its own. You have to be hard working and practice must be the motto. I cannot count the number of times I would holler at Edwin and he was still in class and if at home, most likely working his magic on photoshop. Another major key: inform your art. Of all the books that Edwin has read, Designers are wankers by Lee McCormack has been the most insightful as it has imparted invaluable how-to’s on making the most of his career as a designer. Hopefully, something in there sparked a flame that will set him towards his dream job: being a product designer at Minimal Design.

While he is currently most grateful for the past four years of his university experience  which have been filled with substantial growth and some of his best days, Edwin undoubtedly values his mother and friends turned family. One of his mum’s most notable life lesson’s is to be happy with what God has given him no matter the circumstance. Besides her guiding wisdom, his friends have been caring, pillars of support and most importantly, dependable.

You know I had to go a little deep down to the soul and ask one profound question. Always good to be reflective when we get the chance. With this, if Edwin knew he had only two hours left on the planet, he would spend that time taking a walk in a serene environment.

Before I conclude, let me get the elephant out of the room. I am sure a couple of you ladies have taken note of his good looking features and because I got you, I thought you would like to know that he only looks in the mirror once a day-in the morning 😀 No one likes a vain good looking hommie, right?

What does Edwin know for sure?

“Everything works itself out in the end.”

Keep shining, Mr. Mwai!

Y’all can connect with him, here and see his amazing work here and here.

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  1. Chris says:

    This is amazing. Well in Mwai

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