Decided it was about time I got right into a lyric on here. Shared this over the past few days on instagram 🙂

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Here I am, steady living. Flourishing, if I do say so myself. Right hip bumping to miss independent, my left to girls just wanna have fun.

My spirit delights in the wholeness of my space.

My soul soaking in all of life’s glory.

My mind working at every equation it takes to be my best self.

My body beaming rays of self care.

Body fly, mind fly, soul fly, spirit fly.


Rooted in presence and truth.

My eyes however;

my eyes love to travel:

to new sights, new experiences, new people.

One dainty detour and-

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You look familiar.

Pretty sure I know your name.

Was it

I can’t take my eyes off of you

Last name

I’m yearning to latch on to you, unreservedly

Body like Beckham, Mind like Obama, Passion like Curry, Heart like 90s R&B

You had me at “hello”.

You kept me at “let me be the only one”:

to learn you. to love you. to hold you down. only you.

My wavelength is in tune with a different frequency

Fantasia’s sweet melodies concord with mine. You’re always on my mind. When you come around I get shy. When I see you

You: tall glass of ‘mr.right {now}’ quenching every hopeful fantasy in my eyes. my mind. my heart.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset



What is this?

It’s not that I do not trust you, I want to learn.

My scars say otherwise, I have been burned.

All I can think is damn, here we go again.

Background music: chaos

So I turn away, wondering, is this when we finally get it right?

Are you my choice, am I your choice,

Or is this what recklessness looks like…

Are you passing by to be nothing but a fond memory?

Am I the one who gets away?

Praying that I will not have to be calling on the grace of God a few memories from now,

I close my eyes

Open my heart

hush my fears

with this six word story:

I Have A Crush On You.


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  1. Murigi

    That sounds quite deep mum. Good poetry though, keep it up

  2. Valiant Waiyaki

    Wow, Nyambura… that’s up-on-your-feet-hands-in-the-air-standing-ovation kinda poetry!

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