Five Words To Live By

Lately, I have been all up in my thoughts  about what moves me. How do I want to live? What do I want to be led by? On what do I rest in, when the motions of the world exhaust me? Where do I run to when my soul is in desperate need of a pitstop?

Far-reaching questions with transitional answers that will unravel as life unfolds.

Today however, how about these five timeless, life ameliorating practices?


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The late Maya Angelou once said that the significance of courage lies in enabling us to practice all other virtues, consistently. Who am I to disagree with this angel woman?

Courage is being afraid, and doing it anyway. It is a condition of practice and I am here for it. Courage to choose life, everyday. Courage to live out my dreams. Courage to love. Courage to forgive. Courage to accept. Courage to laugh through disappointment. Courage to stay rooted in gratitude. Courage to change what requires change. Courage to let go. Courage to manifest the life that I believe in. Courage to conquer. Courage to try, and try, and keep trying. Courage to show up and show out. Courage to make moves. Courage to fail. Courage to say yes. Courage to say no. Courage to do right. Courage to be kind. Courage to be me, always. Courage to just, be.

Courage is power.

Courage means freedom.

Courage, dear bloomers, is the only thing that will keep us in the battlefield, swinging.


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Building my relationship with God has shown me love on a divine level. It has refined and re-defined what it means to love, and be love, and be loved. Love is inherently unconditional but truth and only truth, human love is naturally fallible. That is why I rest in God’s perfect love because only then am I able to take the pressure off receiving it perfectly from my loved ones.  Love is intentional. It requires nurturing. It requires breathing and counting to ten when I am mad, at someone, or the world. It requires knowing when to speak up and when to back down.  Love is kind and compassionate. Love is light. It is about the kind of energy I bring into a room; the kind of feeling I give people. It is this: Am I leaving people better or worse than I found them, or do I make no difference at all? Beginning with myself. Is my self talk loving? How about my self care? Are my mind-to-soul conversations oozing love?

I believe that love is God’s nature in my spirit. I want to embrace that. When it gets difficult, especially when it gets difficult.


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If there is anything that is tested in this life, it has got to be faith. My faith. In life, humanity, myself, sometimes in God. See, I tend to worry obsessively. Only recently though-after prayer, my mum’s wisdom (hey boo hey), some Joyce Meyer, a couple of other spiritual teachers and creatives (this is me pointing out valid reference points for restoration)-have I come to realise that worry contradicts prayer. In prayer I assert my belief in God. That no matter the circumstance, He is in control. Faith is sure. So when I worry, what are my actions saying? That I only kinda believe in God’s ability to sustain me. Practicing total faith in God covers my loss of faith in all other areas.

I cannot change my past or future. I can only co-design with God and in doing so, make the most of my time on earth. You wouldn’t get into business with someone you do not trust to pull their weight 100, would you? (I hope not). What is bigger business than life? Who is a bigger partner than God?

Faith is reminding myself of this: my life is in His hands, everything goes according to His will, and He is in control.

And in the celebrated words of Lamar,K (2015): we gon’ be alright!


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Let me hit y’all with a headliner: Joy is a constant state of being, rooted in gratitude. I have said that before, severally, because it really is the truth. When you practice gratitude, you call to consciousness just how much you have to be thankful for. You attract more things to be thankful for. It is the classic domino effect. The classic power of the mind.

Joy is that inner peace you have when you are centered. That drive to jump out of bed every morning, even when you’re sad. More than a feeling, it is a choice. It is choosing to fight despondency with the armour of gratitude. We are all equipped to be joyful-you just have to choose it at the break of each dawn; each night; each challenge; each threat to your serenity; each crossroad.

Joy is as personal as it gets: It has nothing to do with no one nor nothing else.


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This was initially ambition, until I got reading through my diary and stumbled upon these words by the late Dr. Myles Munroe: “Purpose is powerful and once you understand it, it becomes personal.”

Purpose is all encompassing fulfilment. Ambition is only a part of that. The way I see it, purpose is the head and ambition, passion, incredible work ethic is the body. Purpose is, why am I here? What is my invaluable contribution to life as we know it? It is beyond worldly standards of success; defined by myself and validated by God.

Too often I forget that professionals were once amateurs, that you have to start from somewhere, that Rome wasn’t built in a day, actually. I forget that when I look back and think “nimetoka bali”*, I want to mean that. There is so much growth through challenges-we would otherwise never get the chance to glow up. I want to look at myself years from now and think “wow! You did that!” Niko mbali na ninaenda mbali. Though it takes time, the journey is truly where the magic happens. God got me. I got me.

With that bloomers, life is a matter of practice. A lot of people who read my blog think I have my entire life together. I do not. I am mostly winging it, just like you are.

(*Nimetoka mbali-I have come from far).

Love and Love,



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  1. Murigi

    Hello Mum. As usual, this is a very well thought out piece. Keep it up

      1. ppdisland

        This is a great post, it causes me to look inwards and seek how I live my life/what I abide by. Yours is a beautiful list I will admit. Onwards

        PS: You look so gorgeous, love the headwrap.
        PPS: Your dad, is sooo supportive yaani!! Love that you have that from him 🙂

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