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University Tips & Advice

Are you a fresher? In first year and a little confused? Interested in a somewhat heart-to-heart? Want to watch something that will have you thinking "yaasss girl! I can totally relate"? CLICK ON THE LINK ALREADY! Remember to subscribe to my youtube channel, hey! Love and Love, Nyambura.

Soul Food

Stay Lit

Darling, Smile. When the world tempts to overwhelm you with darkness and people's holes seek to consume you. When things do not go your way and disappointment seems to be your day to day. When adversity slithers into your life and heartache prevails. When it gets hard, and darling, it will get hard, Smile. You… Continue reading Stay Lit

Soul Food

See You Soon, Cardiff

It wasn't all love. It hasn't always been love. In fact, the first night I spent here I cried. I wanted to go home. Completely unaware that four life sculpting years later, I would be calling you, home. I cried, but you cradled my tears. You taught me that pain, wrong choices, mistakes-they do not… Continue reading See You Soon, Cardiff

Cardiffer Student Life

Get To Know Me TAG

How about a break from blogposts and you can get to know me a little better? Had lots of fun doing this this with my friend, Ryan. If you have a TAG of your own on youtube, let me know-I'd love to check it out. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel 🙂 Love… Continue reading Get To Know Me TAG