Stay Lit



When the world tempts to overwhelm you with darkness

and people’s holes seek to consume you.

When things do not go your way

and disappointment seems to be your day to day.

When adversity slithers into your life

and heartache prevails.

When it gets hard,

and darling,

it will get hard,


You are capable.

You are powerful.

Don’t you ever forget that you are a fireball of bona fide energy

A stream of intelligence

The essence of God’s favour.

When they try to break you,

remember darling, know that, you are unbreakable.

When life comes at you wrong,

remember darling, moments of wrong nurture enduring strength.


keep that fire burning bright, inside of you.

Allow no one, not even yourself, to extinguish it.

Guard it.

Do what you have to do,

to stay lit.

Stay lit.

Light is within you:

the oxygen that feeds your soul.

That is all you have to hold on to through it all:

Hold on darling,

Stay lit.

2016-08-17 01.24.31 2

My 13 year old super-talented, superstar of a brother, took this picture. This poem is especially a reminder to him as he continues to be great.

Love and Love,


2 Replies to “Stay Lit”

  1. Hey dad! haha! You know they are a little too deep for him! Thank you, love xx


  2. Francis M. Kimani says:

    Hello Mum and as always, thanks for this effort. I know you do not yet let your brother read your blogs (he tells me you said they are addressed to a little older fellows!!!) but I will give him this one to read. Be blessed


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