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Create Like No One Knows Your Name

I am a big believer in the universe. Timing. Energy. God. Did I just write big? Pardon me, huge. Pretty sure they carry the same meaning but huge feels right. Just like writing. Writing feels so right. Vanilla ice-cream on a hot summer's day right. Despite feeling right, it has not felt great in a long… Continue reading Create Like No One Knows Your Name

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Who Moved My Cheese

I have not always been a fan of reading but it is steadily becoming, let me add slowly but surely, one of my favourite things to do. What I mean to say is; get used to plenty of book reviews from now on. On that account, how about you check out my first review on… Continue reading Who Moved My Cheese

Soul Food

How To Embrace Change

There is something about the unfamiliar that understandably throws us off (to varying extents). Whether it is having to leave your job, repeating a year of university, graduating, ending a relationship, letting go of a toxic friendship, moving cities-change is imminent. It really is the only constant. In my first blog post ever, I discussed… Continue reading How To Embrace Change

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23 Things You Should Never Apologise For

23 has been on my mind lately, albeit the fact that it is a little over a month away. Trust me though-if adulting so far is anything to go by, I am in no hurry. No sir. However, there is one fitting mood as I make my entree: #Iaintsorry. Thank you Bey! 23 things you… Continue reading 23 Things You Should Never Apologise For