The Most Important Choice You Will Ever Make

If you are in your early twenties and not confronted with an occasional panic attack on any degree from 0 to 100, teach me your ways? Because that, my friend, is a little thing I like to call a superpower.

I completed the university phase of my life and the world was keen to re-introduce me to pressure. Never met before; at least not in this way. Now, I do not know whether to blame it on the universe or self inflicting practices. Regardless, it is present.

These past few weeks have made it crystal that life trickles down to change, commitment and choice. Even the most positive of people, the most hardworking, the most prayerful can easily slip up. Get lost. Wallow. Beat themselves down. It does not matter that I preach self affirmation and  dance to the tune of self love if I do not, in my own life, practice these unwaveringly. In my weakness, find strength in my soul’s unchanging truth. When defeatist thoughts come my way,  give them the boot rather than allow them to paralyse me because, duh–that’s what self love is about, in deed.

If you are committed, you make the relentless choice to follow through despite how you feel on a given day. It makes no difference what you speak on if your action does not back it up. It does not matter what you know if you allow yourself to be controlled by bad habits and an unwilling spirit.

The most important choice that you will ever make then, is to live. Not just live, but live well.

Does it not get hard sometimes. Ask me, I know. I fight about 58 mental battles a day. I am learning that commitment means rising above the pressure. Praying. Giving myself as many pep talks as I need to stay afloat. Having a positivity mantra. Knowing that when faith is all I have, faith is all I need.

Life will throw curve balls. Standard. In just one hour minute, the tide could change for better or worse. In those moments, your choices dictate whether you drown or doggy paddle your way through. When you catch yourself smack down in the middle of a drawback, what is your next best step? Cry? Write? Scream? Whatever it is, allow yourself to deal with situations because temporary band aids can only get you so far. Life has a way of catching up by repeating situations until you learn what you need to. Your best bet: feel, deal, heal. Move forward. One at a time. One task, one hour, one day.

Sometimes life is a series of getting by. But you get by, by getting by. You grow through it by going through it. You thrive by working at it, persistently.

Your twenties can be confusing-and even that is an understatement. All these years of life and I still do not have the hang of it. The fact remains, I have never been 23 before. It is all as new as day. While you can never have a foolproof plan, you have everything it takes to blossom. Whatever stage of life you are in, keep in heart that it is a journey. You are there because you are capable.

In the moments when you feel lost, remember that there is not a single person who has never felt that way at one point. What this means is that if they did it, so can you. Whatever “it” is.

Greatness requires time, falling and deliberate effort to get back up. You do not get there all at once; you’re not supposed to. Seek help when and where you need it because as much as you may try, you cannot do it entirely on your own.

There is nothing breezy about choices. For it to be impactful, it must be deliberate.

So, commit to the on-purpose choice to live through changes:

Beautifully. Unapologetically. Wholeheartedly.

Love and Love,



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  1. Valiant Waiyaki

    Ati 58 mental battles daily? So specific a number! Did you count? XD

    This is beautiful, ma’am; thanks for reminding us to LIVE, and to choose to live!

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