Experiences. Time. Conversations. Time. Joy. Time. Disappointment. Time. Growth. Time. Work. Time. Life. Time.



Aloneness is one of those I’m-too-ashamed-to-discuss or I’m-too-‘full-of-life’-to-indulge-in topics. We find comfort (sometimes way too much) in association unaware that in life, some journeys we have to take alone. Your crosses yours to carry. Your emotions yours to feel. Your decisions yours to make. Your soul, yours to know. Your one-man-mission does not however mean that you are or should be alone.  What it does mean, is that even with your much needed and valued support system, some walks are for just you and God. It just is. As it should be. Nothing to run away from. Nothing to fear. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Confusion comes in raging storms at occasional stages in our lives. Other times things seem so mundane that the zeal which once sparked your world seems light years away. You question ceaselessly and are answered fruitlessly. You feel stuck. You don’t know whether to go right because you do not want to regret what is left. Life can become a show: routine and saving face. routine and saving face. routine and saving face.

The only way to thrive through these chapters; to get back to you; to find joy in everyday, is to spend time in wholehearted oneness with yourself: filling your cup, releasing and resetting. Taking time to understand, process and reflect on your journey, your relationships, you. Making sure that your self satisfaction does not come from trying to satisfy others. Spending time in prayer: intentional, passionate, subdued, prayer. The power of which rests in firm reaffirmation of this: even when life seems like a million misfit pieces of a puzzle, you are whole. Even when you are torn, you are whole. Sewn in love. You, in essence are whole, despite what phase of life you are experiencing. When choices tear you apart, remind yourself that with time, it all connects. With most things in life, either you get a lesson or a blessing and as the universe would have it, the two go hand in hand. The best you can do meanwhile, is

trust your instincts

                       give it your best shot

                                                    pray for the best.

With every stage, experience, age, you will relearn and reinvent who you are.

Lastly, while I am all for precious solitude, careful not to isolate yourself. You need the love that you are surrounded by.

Love and Love,


9 Replies to “SOLITUDE”

  1. Teddy says:

    This is beautiful, really.
    It really hit home. Thank you.


  2. Murigi says:

    A good one mum. A little deep though!!! Well done


  3. Dolvella says:

    This is such a powerful piece! I love it!!


  4. Christine Warria says:

    Nyambura that’s a great piece. On point. Love it.


  5. Nicole says:

    ‘Even when you are torn, you are whole. Sewn in love. You, in essence are whole,’
    That is beautiful


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