Month: November 2016

Just Do It

I am trying this really legit thing called consistency-in all areas of my life. I tend to get excited, then bored, and often, the perfectionist in me creeps up or life happens and things do not go my way-all of which (normally) impel me to jump ship. So, despite the

Love Yourself Out Of Bad Moods

It’s tried and true: life has its ups and downs. Based invariably on experiences and emotions, we have good days and not so good days. You may have faced a loss or a victory, received a job promotion or been fired, woke up feeling mellow or with a heart full

Gratitude + Writing + Blooming

I started this blogpost unsure of the direction I wanted to take. All I knew is, write. now. …and that is all I am going to honour, right now. When you feel an innate pull towards something, you follow through. When you’re driven, you drive. When you decide, you commit.

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