I am trying this really legit thing called consistency-in all areas of my life. I tend to get excited, then bored, and often, the perfectionist in me creeps up or life happens and things do not go my way-all of which (normally) impel me to jump ship. So, despite the clock hinting at bed time, I am committing to writing this post. Trust me, I am a “it’s not by force” kind of person, but I also know that Ioving what you do is never enough on its own; effort and consistency are equally important.

Whatever you need to do to get started on the dreams you have, working on being a better person, travelling, making amends, whatever it is-do it. start. The commencement is often the hardest but most important step because while making plans and living on cloud 9 may be good, it is hardly sustainable. What you need to spend most of your time doing, is living. Wholeheartedly. That requires movement: being the best that you can be, without a care for defeatist thoughts, circumstances  and interactions. Over the weekend, I got to socialise with a couple of amazing people, and some of the key messages that I received, the ones that hit a “this is your time” nerve were: Trust your journey. Your twenties is when you get to do it all-you have the energy, the time and the ability. Don’t be so concerned with getting it right that you do nothing at all. 

One reminder that I try to keep close, is that life ends. What a waste if I did not maximise it while it lasted. Allow yourself to live. Do it in the way that only you can! Splurge your personality all over everything you do. Own it all, completely.  Living does not necessarily mean taking impromptu across-the-world trips on spiritual journeys or running naked in the rain. What it does mean, for me, is allowing myself to operate from a place of worthiness-even when I falter. Ensuring that my day to day does not become a monotonous routine of meaningless pursuit. Making more decisions for the soul and less for the body. Working more on being centered. Pursuing opportunities that propel me further.

My memory just hit me with a poignant reminder of my last month in Cardiff–an exact moment when I felt so liberated. I was not doing anything particularly significant, but I lent myself to the moment entirely. I was in total acceptance of life, deeply thankful for the most enriching four years, looking forward to a new chapter, thinking of my loved ones, taken by how good God has been to me. It was raining, and I was laughing. In this moment, I feel the absolute same way. Mostly, grateful to God because he sees and loves me through my highs and lows in a way that no one ever could.  My life is so full with God in it.

While not everyday can be as riveting and overwhelmingly spiritual, that does not meant that we cannot make the most of every moment and experience. Do it. Forget the should haves, the could haves and the would haves. Leave the confusion to the years that answer. Ignore the noise from the world. Follow your light. Move towards sunshine. You are deserving. Besides self compassion being one of my most pertinent lessons as I journey, working at being less selfish has been another. Most recently, I have learnt that there is growth in being painfully honest with myself.

Allow yourself to be nothing but the best version of you; not by playing perfect and masking your pitfalls, but by vibrating at the frequency that you would like your spirit to be tuned to.

Love and Love,



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  1. Francis M. Kimani

    This sounds quite like you mum. Well done!

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