Woah! How is 2016 already coming to a close? I know I am not the only one who feels like I blinked in January and voila, it’s December! 2016 has been, my most intense, transitional and incredible year. So many motions I am experiencing as I reflect on the last 12 months, let alone the first half of December (it came with no brakes, lol!). I am truly grateful for everything: the great, the bad and the lessons learnt. I am hopeful; looking forward with enthusiasm. I am breaking negative cycles, some slower than others. Most importantly, I am re-learning my centre and how to remain rooted there.

I have gone through this year by the grace and perfect love of God. Despite the occasional spiritual distance and my shortcomings, He still loves me.

This year, I became a Master of Digital Media and Society, launched my professional career with a lot of confusion but now, settled, finding my ground and absolutely enjoying it, met such wonderful people (yes, even online), rebuilt friendships, fell out with some, lost and gained weight (the struggle!), laughed and cried more than I can remember, closed chapters, felt lost, had to work hard to get back to me, learnt the most, grew…

Very general recap, I am aware. The details are for my diary (teehee).

What have your milestones been this year? What made you really happy? What got you down? What are you most thankful for?

Self reflection is so healing.

Going forward, some of the dimes I will be carrying with me:

  • God’s will is perfect. When you ask Him to take the wheel, do so with, at the very least, mustard-seed faith. In the moments you are really struggling, or really happy, give it all to Him: joys and burdens alike, praise and concerns alike. PRAY. Do not complain. PRAY.
  • The more you let go, the more peace you have. I realise that the root cause of heartbreak (besides circumstance itself) is attachment to expectations, outcomes and our wants. Here is the thing, there is no point chasing after what is not meant for you because what is not, will never be and what is, will always flow to you.
  • You have to feel the emotions first, then let them go. Suppressed feelings will keep resurfacing and leave you drowning. Don’t dwell on them either; don’t allow them to run things. Learn to release, however you do best. Lighten the load as frequently as possible.
  • Life is simple. It is also complicated. It is a paradox. An unpredictable, paradox. You cannot fully comprehend some things, and you have to learn to be okay with that. Eventually, everything connects. For now, ride the waves, roll with the punches and bask in the highs.
  • You cannot work around working hard. For career, money, love, good health, everything: you have to have a willing spirit and you must constantly push yourself beyond your limits. Nothing worth keeping comes easy.
  • Time is our single most important resource. Make your time work for you. Value your time, here.
  • Know yourself. Respect yourself. Love yourself. And know that above all, these are all consequences of practice.
  • Do things. Don’t wait on people. Wanna check out that new coffee shop, go! You never know where and to whom your experiences will lead you to if you just, live, by the rhythm of your own beat.
  • Reconnect with yourself. Everyday. It is all a process: self improvement, love, relationships, life-all are conditions of processes and practices; conditions of growth through consistency.
  • Life is long, and should be enjoyed. Whatever is love, whatever is joy, thrive on.
  • Be true to your path. People will constantly try to reflect their ideas and ways of life on you. Your best bet is understanding the path that you’re on, owning that it is uniquely yours and excitedly following through.
  • Breathe. It’s okay that you messed up, it’s okay that things did not go your way, it’s okay that you’re struggling. Re-focusing on only what you can control is integral to your progress. Do not carry mountains you were only meant to climb. Quit focusing on your faults and focus instead on what you can do to make this, right now, a moment worth appreciating.
  • Make time for the people you love. Family is absolutely everything. When you are like me and enjoy your own company (sometimes a bit too much), realise that you have to be deliberate about nurturing the relationships you value. All it takes is making and giving time.
  • Do not sweat the small stuff. Rarely ever are situations worth going to bed mad over. Forgive as often as you can.
  • You do not have to be and cannot be, understood by everyone. You owe no explanations for who you are, and lastly, you cannot make everyone happy.
  • Obedience is joy. Following God’s plan for your life, knowing that whatever He has called you to do, He has equipped you to do, is bliss. Strive for obedience.
  • Remember that extraordinary is yours. At any point you find yourself settling, remind yourself that you deserve nothing less than phenomenal, and find your way back.
  • Do you, boo boo!

As 2017 rolls in, I hope you know that you are entirely worthy of every bit of goodness that life has to give. Now that you know, I hope that you act like it.

Have the most abundant and fulfilling 2017! Happy Holidays!

Love and Love,

Nyambura xx

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  1. Francis M. Kimani

    Mum, I have just had time to read this through and yes, you are spot on!! Keep writing

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