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Freedom in 2017

Have you ever really thought about time, and how valuable it truly is?

Oh, where are my manners: HAPPY NEW YEAR guys, lasses, readers, lovers and friends! It feels so good to be writing again. When it comes to my art, it’s been/is the real bumpy ride. Spilt milk, really. Here I am, now. Excited.

Speaking of, what are you doing right now? Reading this-duh! What I mean to ask is, how attentive and appreciative are you of the opportunity you have to be working, laughing, writing, reading, eating, heck-living? Life is lived in being present. Wholeheartedly, here. Whenever I go on a trip thinking about time, my introspect comes down to the reality that I have no idea how much time God has given me here. Am I surely going to spend this valuable gift then, being mad? Lazy? Wallowing in pride and insecurity? We are 100% human and will 100% have issues. That’s a given, and that’s not what messes us up anyway. What messes us up is the getting caught up in thoughts and emotions; in patterns that have been conceived from the moment we were born. Rather than feel, and let go. We feel, and attach ourselves to melodramatic perceptions of situations. We get attached to the pains we experience. We become tethered. And we choose to stay that way: situation after situation, day after day, relationship after relationship.

I love reading books that alleviate my understanding of self, and in effect, understanding of others. I recently completed one that I have been raving about, and will do a review on real soon called The Untethered Soul. Without giving too much away, it opened my spirit up to my thought processes and what they are rooted in. It helped me understand that for as long as I have walls on the inside, no matter how many decorations I put on the outside to make the walls look pretty (sometimes dubbing it “enlightenment”), no matter what space I try to convince people I am in, no matter how desperately I try and keep up with impressions and facades, I will forever be a prisoner of captive forces: I will not be free for as long as my soul and spirit are chained behind walls built by my psyche. Hence, temporary highs and an aching, behind the scenes low. I know, for sure, that joy can be a way of life, independent of what happens on the external. It is however, a spiritual journey that requires intentional practice-being rooted in gratitude, letting go (literally every minute) and being enlightened in who I am. You can know so much and be mad inspired, but still remain in your comfort zone (me!). Point is, knowledge means little, if you do not act on it. Liberation, Enlightenment, happens at the point of transcendence. 

This year, going forward, how about making the effort to live enlightened? Use what we know about ourselves to choose to operate from a place of love, to heal, be open and truly free.

Lastly, check this out: I stand by everything I wrote here, but I also believe that resolutions are all the hype. I am however open to trying this out. I like the idea of having a core anchor to my year. What would you choose/have you chosen, as yours?

Love and Love,



2 thoughts on “Freedom in 2017”

  1. Nice reading again from you mum. Nowadays it is far in between – I suspect you will blame the working life????
    Keep it up and write a little more often.
    Much Love


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