Single on Valentines

Guys, guys, I’m on YouTube!!

I mean, you already knew that, I’ve had my own channel for a minute now which, if you haven’t checked out, please do and subscribe here! I promise to work on the frequency of videos.

My friend Barbara and I have been meaning to start a channel for a while and we finally done did it! Our first post went up yesterday which was, for me, a product of stepping out on Faith, courage and forward movement. Over time, I have learnt that if you wait for conditions to be perfect to start, you’ll be waiting forever. As long as you have enough to start, start. Start and grow. Start and grow.

That said, check us out here, subscribe, give feedback! We’re excited, and hope you are as well!

Happy Valentines y’all!

Love and Love,


One Reply to “Single on Valentines”

  1. Mary Waithaka says:

    Girl, I always look forward to reading from you. Keep on keeping for we are behind you dear. You have made us proud. You’ve got my blessings. May God bless the work of your brains. Congratulations!!


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