Why Nostalgia Can Be Good For You

Lately, I have been intermittently in my university memories. I really miss Cardiff. Seeing pictures of its stunning sights as I scroll through my social media timelines, gets me emotional. You could say that I get attached to experiences. For a place that I made my second home, I suppose this is only normal. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being back home, but I miss Cardiff too: the two co-exist. If only we could be in two places at once, hey?

I came across an email thread between my dad and I, from the first time I saw snow. The excitement was so real! Seeing those pictures today, nearly got tears marathoning down my cheeks. I remember waking up that morning and looking out my window to nearby buildings, cars and roads, all coated in crisp, white snow and later, enthusiastically walking to the park to make my very first snowman (it was obviously too cold to complete this task). I can feel the snow in my hands. This was January 2013. What a long way I have come since then!

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As we journey through life, set on the improvements we need to make, with so many prayer requests, ups, downs, joys and all round living, we sometimes forget to appreciate how far we have come. We do not remember to stop, and bask in how much the past has meant to who we are today. Nostalgia can be a powerful reminder to be thankful: For how much we have learned and loved. How much we have grown. That we are still here.

Looking back, I realise that the magic is in the simple things. I do not miss Cardiff for any extraordinary reasons. While I am sure that I had some pretty extraordinary experiences, what is engrained in my heart, is the simplest of these.

As a child, I never imagined that I would spend four wonderful years in such a beautiful city, miles away from my nest. But here we are. Life is such an exciting adventure, everyday, in every way! And when it is not exciting, it still is an adventure of sorts. One that gives meaning to our lives. I do not advocate for living in the past (that gets you stuck), but I do think that moments of nostalgia can be the perfect boost of positivity and encouragement. I want to look back at today, 4 years from now, and experience the same fond feelings, emanating from the beauty in growing pains. Really adventuring through life. Making wonderful memories, and allowing myself to do it in the way that only I can.

Make time for fuzzy feelings and warm memories.

Ps: uploaded a new Youtube video yesterday! Check it out 🙂

Love and Love,


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  1. Jahan

    Reading this and realising you transformed my feelings into words. I miss Cardiff days:(

    1. Nyambura Murigi

      Really cannot wait to be back! I miss it so much, and I miss you too!

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