Owning Your Journey

With every stage of life, comes re-learning, re-connecting and re-committing.

The more I adult, the more I realize the importance of being your own person. The way you live should be an expression, uniquely yours.

Owning my own journey, at this point in my roaring twenties, looks something like:

Trusting yourself

Your gut feeling is all the hype. We may get advice from and be inspired by others, but ultimately no one knows what is best for us more than we do. No one is more invested in you, than you. You, bear the consequences of your movements. If you’re always concerned that you might not make the right choice, you will be too afraid to make a choice. You will value others’ opinions above yours thinking that they must know better. However, when you trust yourself, you feel less overwhelmed by life’s pressures. When you trust yourself, you realize that your obligation is to do what is right by you. If you get burnt, call it a lesson learnt. The more you trust yourself, the less you feel the need to prove yourself and your worth; the more you believe in who you are. Your validation comes from God, and He already done put you on!

Trusting yourself begins with knowing who you are, and liking who you are; knowing that you are worthy and loved. You are valued for your truth. Most importantly, give that love to yourself.

You have the ability and sole responsibility to think for yourself, so, do it. Trust God. Trust the timing of your life. Trust your greatness. Trust your magic.

Being painfully honest with yourself

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Living in a bubble, pretending that you do not have control over some of the things that hold you back, is a waste of your youth. It takes courage to call yourself out on your faults and make necessary changes, a step a time. This does not mean beat yourself up, rather, be honest and move forward. It is an act of self compassion as much as one of tough love. It’s okay to mess up. I always say, mistakes and wrong turns, are as okay as the lessons we take from them. Honesty yields direction.

Honesty is about living your best life, in your truest form.

Co-existing with others, peacefully

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When you are confident in your magic, you do not compete with anyone nor compare yourself. You clap for others’ success, without undermining your own; without invalidating your journey. Remember, to be the best that you can be to others, you need to be your best first. Fill your cup, then give. It’s about your aura, despite momentary/circumstantial off-days and mood swings. It’s about making conscious effort to be as graceful as you can be to others, often.

It’s about wholeheartedly living yours.

Consistency and Commitment 

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As I grow older, the clearer this becomes: nothing will work if I do not put in the work myself. Do your part and let the cards fall where they may. Do not be afraid to fail. With anything, if you want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it. To follow through, despite pitfalls along the way, requires commitment. If you’re committed, you’ll be consistent. Owning your journey calls for you to be the master of your soul, the captain of your ship. Your life, your responsibility.

Commitment and Consistency.


Getting into the habit of putting thankfulness before your woes and complaints impels you to appreciate your journey for everything that it is. There is something, every day, to be grateful for. The more we set our hearts on these, the more attuned to attracting the good we become. When we own our stories, we realize that everything we need, we have. We no longer operate from scarcity, rather, abundance. Gratitude, is the root of joy. 

Journey joyfully.

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Love and Love,


2 Replies to “Owning Your Journey”

  1. Beautiful post, this was exactly what I needed to read today! “Your life, your responsibility” is definitely how more people need to think rather than complaining about what happens, myself included.

    Liked by 1 person

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