Don’t Quit Your Day Dream

My feet may not be the prettiest in the world, but they are certainly cute enough to make it to the blog, no? It’s also important, for variety’s sake, to give y’all time to miss my face. Lastly, I am here for the aesthetics and subsequent symbolism.

First thought when you muse over your feet, if ever? My bet is the most obvious functional benefit: walking. You do not walk only on your good days, right? You walk on your bad days too and this is how it must be in the period between where you are and where you are working to be. Sometimes when I read from and listen to the GOATs, I can’t help but think, “it must be really great dishing out this advice from where you’re standing”. I forget that they were, at one point, in just the same position as you and I, when all they had was a dream and the willingness to make that dream come true. The truth that exists for them is just as real to me. I am learning to value the process. I am valuing the meantime as I get to the primetime. It’s so easy to speak on Faith and Hope, but living it? That’s an entirely different mission. However, living it makes all the difference.

Wait on God, and wait on Him strong. Live knowing that whatever it is, it’s already yours and will come to you at the exact time it is meant to. For now, believe, pray, GRIND. You have to actually put in the work to grow. You do not get there by chance. You get there by the choices that you make.

Most importantly, use the meantime to bloom: develop the attributes you will need to not just obtain your dream, but to sustain it as well. Ask yourself if you are truly ready. If you got it today, would you rise up to the challenge; would you enjoy it like you should; would it be as impactful as it could be? Don’t look at the dream in isolation and forget the responsibility that comes with it.

Staying inspired beyond the frustration can be hard, believe me, I know, but it is your lifeline as you pursue your vision. Along the way I have understood that you have got to be intentional. So, when I am finding it a little difficult, this is what I do:

  • Pray: prayer comes first. I gotta calm the spirit, re-centre and connect with the Source. Sit in silence. Reflect. Rejuvenate.
  • Work smart: getting things checked off my to-do list is a guaranteed confidence booster.
  • Read: I enjoy learning from others’ experiences as well as their art. It opens me up to new opportunities and ways of thinking. Spend time in growth-positive spaces and surround yourself with growth-positive people.
  • Self affirmation: the most important story is the one you tell yourself.
  • Spoil myself: catch a break. Be kind to you. Life is bigger than this one dream. Don’t forget to laugh: it adds life to your years.

Celebrate milestones, both big and small. Baby steps are integral to the process: don’t discount them for nothing. Stay open to the journey.

Love and Love,



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  1. Murigi

    A little different – keep going!

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