I’ve been pretty swamped lately. Some of you may call it adulting. I call it my attempt at adulting. I’ve been distracted. There was a point in my life where remaining centered came as naturally as blinking. Now, a lot seems fleeting and I have lived more from the outside in, rather than the reverse. The only way I am able to admit to and write about this is because, self awareness. I write on here to encourage soul stirring thoughts and conversations, to say “me too” and, to connect with like minded people. Today, I am here for all three.

Soul checks are important.

One of the reasons staying centered has been difficult is because I am doing a lot more now than being a student. I have more responsibilities. While this does not excuse it away (I need to stay connected to my centre even more), it does explain the disparity to an extent. Adulting has somehow translated into quantification. “I cannot afford to sit and write as if it is what I am paid to do. Quantity. Monetisation. Metrics of success.” But why not? I am learning that though adulting requires a lot more: planning, focus and foresight, that does not mean that I should leave the best parts of me behind. It doesn’t mean that I should sacrifice that which I love to do because it does not make me money, (yet). Our passion points are not mistakes nor by-the-ways; they are purpose. and as you figure out how to use your purpose to thrive, build on rather than abandon what you love to do.

Everything comes down to intention. Some days may be harder, but the importance of action remains the same. Plan to pray, plan to reflect, plan to spend time in precious solitude. Plan to succeed, whatever that looks like to you. Ultimately, it all comes down to peace. No matter how we spin it, what we are all in pursuit of, is peace.

Peace allows us to live wholeheartedly.

When destiny calls and seems too far to reach, perhaps unclear, insecurities yelling ‘impossible’, remind yourself that you got this. Work your insecurities. Carry them wherever you are going as a reminder that they have no power over you.

The only obstacle between you and your aspirations is the story you tell yourself.

Lastly, if you need some motivation for the rest of the work week, watch this!

Love and Love,



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