Heeey guys!

I hope your March was fab and filled with goal enacting. If not, we thank God for fresh mornings.

I love the idea of monthly blog reflection: Candids from the last month; from people to experiences to pictures to items. Favorites only, because good vibes are all the hype and should be celebrated.

Sooo, my March faves:

  • David’s Birthday-obviously the highlight of my March. Duuh! We may not have spent it together, but what a glorious reminder of the pure gift that he is in my life. Such a joy, such an inspiration, such a star! Happy Birthday once again to my not so little brother. Cannot wait to celebrate with you my love! May God always keep you covered.
  • Lira Live-I attended Koroga Festival for the first time. Let me not get into my experience here because I already done did that on our Youtube channel. However, what I must highlight is how much I enjoyed Lira’s performance! She is so fierce, so beautiful and her performance was pizzaz itself. That X Factor? She got it! I was so moved. My faves were Be About It and Let There Be Light! Side note, her band is full of eye candy, which can’t ever be a bad thing, tihi 😀 “Don’t just talk about it. Be About it.”
  • Self Disappointment-the paradox hey! I had my fair share of realisations, and events that though had me disappointed, left me more motivated than anything. I have such a recharge in my aspirations. In case you missed it, this was the topic of last week’s blog post. Keep going. Whether walking or crawling, just keep going and lean on God while you’re at it.
  • Masters Degree-I received my MASTERS degree, yaay! Y’all feel free to refer to me as MA Nyambura from now henceforth, thank you very much. Receiving my Masters was a great reminder of my last year in uni, the work I put in and the energy I had through the ups and downs. I have been very reminiscent this past month. I miss Cardiff but I am mostly thankful for that time in my life. Uni truly consists of some of your best years.
  • H’art The Band-uuuh, guys! What is energy? H’art The Band is it! I had never watched them live and admittedly, not given much ear to their music before the Blaze BYOB finale. Their passion is so visible, intriguing, and infectious. I mean, this video does not do the night justice, but it does give an idea of what a blast it was. The talent in Kenya is a sight to behold. What a time to be alive!

Happy Apriling!

Love and Love,



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