You Are Not For Everyone and You Cannot Do Everything

What do I know for sure?

Other than this being the almost-title of my favourite book, it is a question that has recently lingered in my mind. More so, when I have found myself in a mental tag-of-war of sorts.

Over the past few weeks, I have been reminded of several truths, primarily centered around this:

  • Do not seek permission to be who you are called to be.
  • Value yourself beyond what even you think of yourself: strive to see you as God does.
  • Life is (heavily) what you make it. Create yourself as you go along.
  • Trust that God is in control, and He knows what He is doing.
  • There is always something to be thankful for, just as there is always a new day.

I find myself praying more and more, for discernment;

The ability to choose a life that excites me. To surround myself with people who are, home. To make more choices that feel right, whether easy or difficult. To be consistently intentional about my peace, joy and achievements.

I may not like disappointing people, but as I have learnt, sometimes, this is the collateral damage of a loving choice, made for me. A choice to honour myself and in effect, be of better service to those around me. And that is okay. You only have so much energy, so much time. It is important that you spend yours in spaces that grow you, and that you grow. As often as you can, make the choice that honours you. When you are uncertain of which way to go, pray. Your answer may take a while to come, but it will come.

Matthew 7:7 “Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door shall be open.”

Living wholly, requires the knowledge that you are not for everyone. If you struggle with feelings of shame and unworthiness, Brene Brown is your girl. Also, if you do not know who she is by now, you are so not loyal to this blog. I reference her work a lot because her research on wholehearted living is invaluable.

I also stumbled on this blogpost that I wrote years ago, and couldn’t help but feel like a proud mum. It’s way too long to repeat here, but I thought I’d share this tidbit as a note to self, and you guys: We sometimes place too much thought into what people think of us. A lot of our questions will include the occasional “Well, what will people think if I do that?” while we go ahead and actually allow this to determine the next step. Here’s what I know: People will judge, be negative, disapprove, hate, throw shade regardless of what your choices are in life. You could stand still and someone will still have something to say. People are entitled to their thoughts; as you are to yours. You decide which you allow to control you.

I am celebrating new beginnings. Grateful for where I am now, because of where I have been; for the experiences that have moulded me. Glad to be a work in progress.

Life is supposed to be enjoyed: It’s our God given right. Steady walk in your light. Those who are meant to journey with you, will. What you are meant to pursue, you will attract and vice versa.

Saying yes to life, involves saying no when you need to.


                  Pursue that which you love, with reckless abandon.

Love and Love,



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  1. Felix

    “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”
    – Oscar Wilde

    and as the saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first”

    Your blog is an inspiration.

    Thank you Nyambura.


  2. Gichuhi


    I like the redesign.

    The website looks fantastic!

  3. Mary Waithaka

    Mother dear, you always make me prou. Keep up this encouraging piece. Wisdom is earned from God. I can’t pray for anything less for you dear. Well done!!!

  4. Samoina Wangui

    The title to this post (and the content thereof) reverberates within me.

  5. JudithKemunto

    I love your posts and I have to admit, the deco in that room (pictured) is amazing

    1. Nyambura Murigi

      Thank you Judith! 🙂 It’s Wasp and Sprout,in Loresho and really is beautiful!

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