Soul Food

A Reminder: When it gets difficult

It's raining. I love the rain. Out here in these smart streets, they call me a pluviophile. I am a pluviophile. A pluviophile whose life is dealing a crash course on a number of lessons. I'm ultimately really grateful. Things could be worse. That, and there is hope tied to the process of sharpening. It's… Continue reading A Reminder: When it gets difficult

Soul Food

Quarter Life Crisis

Adulting is not easy... but you already know that. I'm at the quarter life crisis stage. From what I have read, it happens somewhere between your mid 20s and early 30s. My transition from university to being a working adult has been unsettling. Life just seems harder than it's been; not in terms of challenges per… Continue reading Quarter Life Crisis

Taking Stock

April Faves

You guys, five months into 2017? Before you know it we'll be six months deep, preparing for Christmas and wishing each other a happy 2018! Back to April. I love the idea of monthly blog reflection: Candids from the last month; from people to experiences to pictures to items. Favorites only, because good vibes are… Continue reading April Faves