Six months. Halfway into 2017. Where on earth is the time going?

I love the idea of monthly blog reflection: Candids from the last month; from people to experiences to pictures to items. Favorites only, because good vibes are all the hype and should be celebrated.

  1. Madaraka Day Brunch: When your month begins with cousins’ brunch, you know it’s going to be lit! I love my people, I love how much I laugh with them, I love that it’s always fun times. We played Charrades and naturally, because we run the world, the girls team won. You wouldn’t believe what category the boys beat us in though…Childhood Fairytales… *gasp* You’re still cool guys 😀 We also got together for Wonder Woman which was epic! There is something so intriguing about a female protagonist, and that Wednesday Urban Gourmet deal.
  2. David is Home: If you know me, it comes as no surprise that this has been my absolute, hands down, fave thing about June. My brother is home from school break; taller than ever. We have so much fun together and despite his complaints that I am always all up in his grill, I know he loves me too 😀 Also, if you notice that I have packed on a couple more pounds, it’s because he is forever dragging me to planet yoghurt.
  3. Her Roots Collabo: When Jolie hit me up to collaborate months ago, I was excited from the get; not just because I am all for women coming together to make great things happen for themselves and those around them, but also because I applaud her fierce, go-getter spirit. Jolie’s book, Her Roots, which journeys through her ups and downs, is a must read for all twenty somethings. I like a good book that stirs up a “me too” feeling, is entertaining and leaves me feeling challenged. I will do a thorough review sometime in the next few months, but for now, all you gotta know is that the third edition is out! Grab yours from The Crevit Mulier Club at Adlife Plaza on 2nd floor, Axlr8, at only Ksh.1,000. I hear they are selling faster than Daddy-yo’s concert tickets! “Develop into a better version of you. Live a life that you are proud of.”-Jolie Lanji Ouko. From heartbreak, to setback, to victory: this.
  4. My Sleeveless Autumn Coat: I am clearly not a fashion blogger, and may have the name of this item of clothing entirely wrong. Point is, I don’t care how common they might be, or how many fashion years old they are-I have been wanting one for tiiime. I have worn it once, only because I am actively practicing restraint. Truth is, I would love to wear it all of July. It’s such a win for my closet!
  5. Commitment: Discipline in the pursuit of living my best life is something that I have been striving towards. Staying committed, especially when I do not feel like it. It’s been hard, a process of becoming and unbecoming, a couple of slip ups; but I am here for small victories.

Happy July and have a fulfilling second half of 2017!

Love and Love,



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