Shoe Story X Bloomkalture: Shopping for Her

I was beyond thrilled when the plan to collaborate with the pretty lady who runs this blog was born.

Dear fans of Nyambura, this message comes to you from Shoe Story. To be specific, little ol’ me, Yvone Syokwaa. I have taken over Bloomkalture today and hopefully again soon, that’s if ya’ll like me ofcourse 🙂

We sat down and brainstormed on what would be relevant for both our audiences, because we love you guys so much (duh)and the idea to share a care package was born, with a twist of course. Let’s set a budget and gift each other. Sounds easy right? was far from it. At least for me!


I don’t know if it’s just me but I always get into a panic when I have to shop for another person. I could have known you for years but when I get to the shop, I have all these thoughts going through my mind; will it fit, will they like it, her favourite colour is red, no it’s green..Or was it orange? Generally, we tend to put so much pressure on ourselves when really; the secret is to dig a little deeper, and think about the times you have spent with this person. That moment when their eyes lit up and they were all smiles…happier moments, and this is what I got for her…

This one was the easiest. If you know Nyambura or even follow her online, you know how much she loves her ice-cream and frozen yogurt. The number of times we have taken a trip all the way to Junction just to get Froyo is countless. The fastest way to a girl’s heart (by girl, I mean her) is through the frozen yogurt dispensing machine 🙂

Well, this one was also pretty easy because during the brainstorm meeting I mentioned above, she had this notebook that was so blah ( sorry Nyambura 🙂 ) and I decided that she needed a notebook that was as vibrant as she is. #goodfriend

When you have an insane love for shoes, everyone in your life expects you to get them shoes because that is your thing. So yes I did go to a shoe store and had a pair of shoes picked out but then I saw this pretty green drapey cardigan that also doubles up as a scarf and I was sold! I’m pretty sure there is a saying somewhere about…if you like something so much, you should give it to someone you love…right?

This last one was my favourite buy! The gratitude piggy bank. I wish nothing but amazing things for her and gratitude goes a long way to having that. Every day write one thing that you are grateful for and add it to the bank. When you are having a bad day, you can pick from your lot and hopefully feel a little better. End of the month, take out all the notes and swim in positive vibes. It’s the best feeling ever.

And with that, I am done!

Check out and see what she got me…interesting stuff 🙂

Thank you for stopping by.




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