I have always associated August with sunny days. It really is, like the Sunday of Summer and I, for sure, have that reminiscent Sunday feeling; it’s unbelievable how quickly we have gone through 2017 thus far.

I love the idea of monthly blog reflection: Candids from the last month; from people to experiences to pictures to items. Favorites only, because good vibes are all the hype and should be celebrated.

  1. Masters Graduation: In my list of favorites since I began this series, My Masters Graduation has got to be amongst my top 3. I still have pinch-myself, take-me-back moments because a dream, it was. In case you missed it, I captured a glimpse of the bliss, here.
  2. Zip lining at The Forest: Besides Alton Towers, this has been the most thrilling experience I have ever put my physical senses to.  There is something so freeing about swinging on a string from one side to the other, a million miles high, screaming your lungs out. I was on top of the world and with the best company: Steph (my adventure buddy), and my cousin Nyambura.
  3. FarmHouz: One sunny July afternoon, my workmates and I visited the lush FarmHouz, somewhere between Kikuyu and Limuru. The order of the day was mad laughter, pictures, drinks, games and lots of good food! All while relishing in so much green, outside a beautiful bungalow. This is such a plan if you and your squad are looking to get away for the day.
  4. Shoe Story Collab: And the collaborations keep coming. One of my June Faves, was my collaboration with Her Roots, and I am stoked that in the same essence, one of my July faves was a collaboration, with Shoe Story. We had so much fun doing this!
  5. Couture Africa Feature: So…my workmates and I were featured in the July issue of the Couture Africa Magazine. Is this the point where I claim my runway model status? PSA: I am officially ready to sign autographs 😀

More love this August guys!

Ps: let’s pray for a peaceful Kenyan General Elections.

Love and Love,



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