Social Media Cleanse (What + Why + How)

About my social media cleanse. It wasn’t the plan, but I fell in love.

Social media is great, really. One of the greatest things about the internet. And the internet is a pretty big deal. But as with anything, we have to be careful not to exaggerate its place in our lives. Exercise caution when giving your time and energy; be careful what you give power to.

I took 2 weeks unplugged from all social media to be a lot more present, productive and to actually get my to do lists completed. Some say “it’s just Instagram”. I agree. However, at different points in our lives,  different things hold us back. Social media is not the problem. It is our misuse of it. If you ever feel yourself acquiring an unhealthy addiction/attachment to something (or someone), it’s a cry for distance. Balance is key. Being centered, even more.

Social media cleanses are nothing more than a chance to disconnect so as to connect. My cleanse was a way for me to take a break, manage daily stresses better, be more in control of my day’s happenings and be more focused on myself. Further, a chance to better tend to meaningful offline connections. To live in the moment.

The sun did shine the same, but a couple of notable positive changes followed. For instance:

  1. I was forced to be social because I did not have social media to distract me in “awkward” situations. I had interactions that I would not otherwise have had, had Instagram been an app away.
  2. I processed my feelings. There was not a moment I could be upset and immediately turn to the latest according to E news. I, thankfully, did not have a medium to compare my lows with everyone else’s highlight reel. I had to deal. Objectively and honestly. To my relief.
  3. I woke up earlier and went to sleep faster. Mornings set the tone for your day. While a good night’s rest certainly helps, what you do within the first hour of your day matters greatly. I cherished starting my day with mine rather than others’ energy.
  4. I discovered new music. Probably because I had so much extra time on my hands. 😀
  5. I was more rooted in the moment. More mindful. Ever notice how mindlessly we check social media? No notification received but just because, *opens Twitter*. Not because I want to read the latest in Business news, but just because, *opens Facebook*. We check social media just because; at work, on coffee dates, while watching a movie. I enjoyed being less distracted.
  6. I finished a book. I am, admittedly, a bit of a slow reader. I enjoyed using the extra 30 minutes here and there to read rather than scroll.

In order to move forward, it is best to limit our distractions. If you find yourself overwhelmed or too consumed with the external, it’s a sign that something needs to be subtracted. That you need to recharge. de-clutter. Social media is a great place to start. If you decide to go on a cleanse:

  1. Have a clear objective (s): why are you doing it? What do you hope to gain? A specific (and realistic) timeline that you commit to is similarly essential.
  2. Establish what works for you. If two weeks straight doesn’t work, try to limit social media use to after you have gotten up, had your breakfast and done everything in between; keep your phone away as you work; turn off social notifications etc.
  3. Internalise that it’s mostly a mind game. It does help to eliminate (even temporarily) from your space that which prevents clarity of mind but most importantly, affirm yourself and work from the in, out. Life should after all, be lived from the inside out.

Lastly, there is nothing wrong with sharing online. It is your space. Do what you please with it–responsibly. And if you remember nothing else, remember this: social media does not dictate your value.

Love and Love,



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  1. Question, does a selective social media cleanse make sense at all? I say this because I have had a complete blackout from all social media for about 2 years with the exception of Facebook. However, it somewhat seems that the cumulative time I spent on all those other apps was “remarkably” consolidated in the amount of time I now spend on Facebook.

    1. Nyambura Murigi

      Hey Anthony! It’s not about how many platforms you’re on rather how much time you spend on social media. That said, it’s not a one size fits all. You have to know yourself to the point of knowing what it takes for you to use social media healthily. The key is being selective with your time and energy 🙂

  2. annamerissa

    I’m doing a cleanse as well right now! I’m glad to see that it worked out well for you. 🙂

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