You Are A Work Of Art

Today, going forward, make your bed work for you. Whatever hardship, whatever obstacle, whatever doubt…make it work for you. Hold on to your Faith. May it be bigger than your fear.

Do not limit God.

A deep sense of belief in yourself is everything, & it absolutely can be cultivated. Not to mention, confidence looks so good on you. Be good to you.

It all works out like it’s meant to. Not like it did for someone else, but exactly as it’s meant to be for you.

Anything you want to do you can do. Failure does not define you; your dedication to your path does. Gently pull yourself in the direction of positive self speak, knowing that the journey is mostly mental.

Work with the universe as trustingly as possible; while you are still in its cradle.

Live with all your heart.

You are, flaws and all, a work of art.

Love and Love,


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