It really is December.

Christmas really is 3 weeks away.

2017 really is almost over!!!

I thought I’d share this before you’re right in the thick of Drinkcember and all other Christmas festivities that don’t leave much room for serious reading.

So, yes. While we should audit our lives regularly, nothing says reflect like the end of a: year, chapter, season. It’s in the air. reflect. reflect. reflect. So much has happened in what feels like so little time. becoming and unbecoming.

2017 was certainly the year that stretched me the most, taught me the most, revealed parts of myself that I NEED to work on to be better, kicked me down, broke me, lifted me, carried me, took me to places I never imagined being in, was the most anxious I have EVER been, loved and was loved, was lost and now finding my way back to myself, pushed me to cut off negative vibes, welcomed me to let go of interactions that were not serving me, exposed me to great books, brought me into co-creation with the universe. A year of bloom (ing); as is every year. It really was the definition of tough love.

If I was to sum up my faves from the year, these were the moments I was:

Learning to be true to myself.

Working at my happiness.

Protecting my joy, intentionally.

Letting go; of anxiety, unnecessary pressure, lack of self compassion, bad habits, dead weight, defeatist thoughts.

Being my biggest cheerleader.

Trusting myself. Trusting God.

Trying not to seek validation for every decision; moreso of who I am and who I want to be.


Internalising that if I work on only the days I feel good, success will never be mine. Similarly, there is no substitute for hard work.

Hurting. It gave me more strength than I thought I had.

Being there for the people I love.

Building meaningful relationships.

Allowing things to be what they are; not what I hoped they would be.

Laughing my ass off as often as possible.

Following my bliss.

Pursuing the most unashamed and unapologetic version of myself.

Understanding the importance of family, more and more.

Beginning new friendships.

Embodying kindness. Random acts of kindness; from me to you but certainly from you to me. Every encouraging word has been so timely. Thank you, to you who doesn’t know me personally but has given me love anyway.

Visiting Mombasa, Cardiff, China. Such faves.

Discovering amazing new books, music and creative spaces.

Noticing that not every cringe-worthy moment deserves a pity party. In fact, staying away from pity parties altogether is the goal.

Realising that people dont care as much as I think they do. And if they are watching, I should at least give them something to see hey.

Waking up early.

Making decisions that reflect my self worth.

Acting in favour of self love.

Seeking more spiritual affirmation than earthly affirmation. It always is more lasting, true and fulfilling.

Most importantly, realising that this is the motion of life. I don’t learn and it ends there. I keep learning. I keep revisiting. I keep being visited by levels to the same lessons. life is a cycle.

In a nutshell?

Keep Going.

In case you are new to BloomKalture or just want to recap with me, here are my fave posts of the year:

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I also started this category which I absolutely enjoyed!

2017, it’s been so real! 2018, I’m not making any promises just yet; we’re going to take this a day at a time. I promise to do better often though 🙂

I still have one blog post before the end of the year. It’ll be fun; I promise!

Love and Love,



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