There’s been so much hype around Bao Box; the girls and I had to have our last catch up sesh there.

First things first, I’m the realest. I’m joking, I totally got that from a song. I like the location-Pramukh Towers on Westlands road, right by the Standard Chartered Bank HQ. It’s central. Central is good. Central means it doesn’t matter that you live in Karen and I live in Kiambu; we can meet at Bao Box.

A polite warning for those who are lift averse like me: brace yourself for that climb to the eighth floor.

Bao Box is a vibe from the moment you walk in. You lose your breath (because you’re unfit and just climbed eight flights of stairs) only to regain it and lose it all over again as you walk towards the patio.

It’s beautiful. It’s colorful. It’s African.

Did I mention the book shelf? That’s full of books? Right by a cosy wooden-brown couch? Like grab a book, cup of coffee and you might as well call it your fifth home.

I will have to admit to not flipping through the books and therefore cannot comment on whether they make for a great read or are just aesthetically pleasing. I also realise that “great read” is subjective. So that, my friend, is up to you to determine once you pay them a visit one of these fine afternoons.

As we were shown to our table, I couldn’t help but take note of the seamless transition from the open plan kitchen to the restaurant floor, embracing both light and space.

One of my favourite elements has got to be the wall with mounted wine bottles. A wall that’s all about wine deserves to be celebrated.

Can we also talk about the rustic energy the lighting channels? In fact, how about you see for yourself and we’ll move right on to the service…

Oh. Wait. Before that, there’s BOARD GAMES too (unlimited for Ksh.1000 only)!

The service is lovely. The delivery time could be faster, but we were warmly received and treated.

Bao Box is perfect for an evening plan, especially if you and your friends are looking to take indoor games to the outside breeze with a wonderful view of Kempinski. It gets busy in the evenings and on Saturdays too, so I suggest booking space beforehand.

Overall? I’d totally recommend Bao Box for drinks, games and chill vibes-especially if there’s a bunch of you. Maybe eat before though.

Love and Love,



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