TGIT (Thank God It’s Today)

Thank God It’s Today!

I bet if I asked you to close your eyes (or leave them open; whatever floats your boat) and picture an outfit that sits pretty in your closet, waiting for the “perfect occasion” to be worn, it wouldn’t take you more than a couple of seconds. And as you wait for this grand event, all your outfit does is gather dust instead of memories. The other day I stumbled upon a top which I absolutely love, but have never worn because I’ve been “waiting for the perfect time”. Now it’s a little too tight from the 3 years of neglect.

I am reminding myself that clothes are only special because of the value I attach to them; not because the label says “wear on special occasions only”. If I feel like channeling my inner Lady Gaga on a good ol’ Tuesday, why shouldn’t I? (okay maybe because I am employed). My point is, the moment you have now is as special as it’s ever going to get simply because you don’t know about tomorrow.

Express yourself. Find the beauty in the ordinary. Make magic.

In any case, who ever said that you cannot wear sequins to a Monday meeting? A bow tie with your chic Thursday outfit? A Burgundy floor length gown with a trail in the house on a Saturday afternoon, just to take pictures for your blog? Break some rules won’t ya?

Don’t you just love a thigh high slit on a maxi? I bet not as much as I do.

A style tip for slits: always opt for sandals. They elongate your leg even further than the slit already does and pay rightful homage to the leg being saved.

Wear the dress. Rock it as confidently as only you would. Head high, shoulders back, one step at a time.

Always smile. (And hold on to the wall when going down stairs, apparently).

Stop waiting for Friday.

Ps: my dress was made by the talented Julie Kinyua.

Love and Love,

Nyambura Murigi.

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