Books To Read In 2018 (Video)

“Bravery is the ability to look fear and hurt in the face

and say move aside, you are in the way.”-Melissa Tumino

I was inspired by…inspiration I guess, to share some of my favourite books on my Youtube channel. Yes, the same Youtube channel that has been inactive since July 2016. I must say, I am truly excited to be back on this space. Almost as excited as you are to have me back 😀 .

All these books have cumulatively pushed me to be more introspective and a little wiser. I love how practical they each are. And while the internal work begins and ends with you; personal development books add a little more clarity as we figure it out.

Ps: the video is short; you can definitely watch it now so feel free to grab your cuppa and hit play!

Love and Love,



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  1. Anonymous

    I’m going through the email you sent me with some of these links, just loving your blog N!

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