I love the idea of monthly blog reflection: Candids from the last month; from people to experiences to pictures to items. Favorites only, because good vibes are all the hype and should be celebrated.

  1. It’s a new year: I love new beginnings…especially when they come packaged as a different last digit to the date for the next 365 days. Like I wrote here, a new year is a reminder that I had better be working on actualising my goals in tandem with the years rolling forward. I needed that reminder. It’s now upon me to follow through with my commitment; so help me God.
  2. Early Saturday mornings: Let’s just say I had close to zero late Friday nights and it made such a positive difference to my weekend. Kumbe Saturdays normally have 24 hours? I’m keen on maintaining this…on most weekends at least.
  3. Self sufficiency: This is most definitely a recurring lesson in my life; that I am entirely equipped and solely responsible for my life. To depend on myself and always, always TTGF: Turn To God First.
  4. Vision board: There is something so satisfying about writing your goals down. Now that I have had my first vision board up on my wall for about a month, I am seasoned enough to speak on it, lol. Real talk though, I am realising that a made up mind is the real key. Without a steadfast Spirit, a vision board will be nothing more than decoration.
  5. Intention: I’ve been a lot more intentional this past couple of weeks about my response to situations, dealing with my emotions, me time and getting a little more into cooking. I said a little. That, and a bunch of other stuff that I’ve been sleeping on, such as my Youtube Channel! Baby steps. Little, tiny, less than a year old baby steps.

Have a fantastic rest of the month! It’s the shortest of the year, live it up won’t ya! PS: This not only made me smile but also gave me a couple of ideas on how I’d like to spend the rest of the month 🙂

Love and Love,



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