Turning Negatives Into Positives

“An  entire ocean cannot sink a ship unless it gets inside it.”

Lately, dealing with negativity is something I have had to sharpen my survival skills on. I am realising that the classic “avoid bad vibes at all costs” slightly loses to the reality check: avoidance is not always within our set of choices. Sometimes, you have to find ways to reserve yours while in the heat of the negative. Sometimes, you simply must deal because generous as life is, there are some lessons you have no alternative but to learn.

In the midst of lessons, i write. i reflect. i ask myself “how did i contribute to this and could i have done better”. i write. i reflect. i let go and move on. i laugh. i remind myself that it never is that serious. i close the door to my own negative thoughts. i learn not to be too critical.

I remember this: when it comes to others acting negatively towards you, it rarely ever has anything to do with you. As difficult as it may get to draw the line, remind yourself that it’s not personal and adapt your response accordingly.

So…what is better than RSVPing to the negative pitty party invitations from Pessimistic Patty and Negative Nancy?

  1. Introspect: the only one’s actions you have control over are your own. Every experience is a learning opportunity. Look at situations objectively, not approving nor disapproving rather considering the facts, and establishing your role (where necessary). Learn for next time. Turn negatives into positives. Reset your default response if you find that it does not work for you.
  2. Move away, far away when you can: the greater the physical distance, the better. Sometimes however, the only shift you have allowance for is mental. Know that your mind is powerful. Create that life-reserving, absolutely necessary separation; that place where negativity no longer affects you. Draw boundaries.
  3. Let go: it’s really not that serious. Life is so much bigger, and there’s (guaranteed) a lot more good vibes in your life. Focus on the more. Focus on the abundance, and everything else that you want to attract into your life. Feel, yes. Deal, yes. And after that, let go.
  4. Smile: Because life is so much better when you do 🙂
  5. You do you like you do boo: never doubt how bomb you are. Always remember that you are not for everyone, and that that is perfectly okay! Also, “not my circus, not my monkeys” is a great way to lol yourself out of this one. The more I spend time with my people, the less I care what the rest’s perception is. Love whoever is around to be loved. The more I rest secure in God’s validation, the less I feel the need to seek it from anyone else. I am chosen and I am valued. “You covered me in the midst of it all”. 

& darling, don’t expect to get it right all at once.

Love and Love,


One Reply to “Turning Negatives Into Positives”

  1. Loved the post and this place together with the pictures is beautiful. Where is it?


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