Dear readers, this is a story about an add-to-closet kind of weekend as hosted by The Arbor!

As you must have inferred from my Instagram stories, The Arbor Festival was on this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you didn’t see my stories, this most definitely is a shameless plug to get you to follow me.

The Arbor is easily the most delightful restaurant as far as James Gichuru Road is concerned: charming space, great service and even better food. Just when I was sure it couldn’t get better, came The Arbor Festival and sweet potato fries…hallelujah!

In typical pop up store fashion, the finest Kenyan designers and business owners sold their wares to welcoming shoppers at a discounted rate.

From fashion to jewellery, footwear and makeup, variety was the order of the setup.

Side note for businesses; pop ups are a great idea because they transform transactions to experiences. What a terrific way to spend an afternoon: shopping, eating, jamming to good music…guys, there was a live band. A LIVE BAND! Even the sun could not resist being a part of this urban, Kenyan, kioskesque event.

(best sweet potato fries in Nairobi)

There’s a good reason why kiosks exist: they’re cheaper than big-box stores and they meet us where we are. Kenyan vendors, let’s take a leaf from this, shall we? Yes to more of these spaces that celebrate different facets of our culture in one frame.

While there are plenty of flea markets coming up, and exciting ones at that, I enjoyed this one especially, because of the unique set of vendors, the plenty of space to shop and enjoy the restaurant separately and the live music.

The pre-hype could however have been a little more amplified. That, and I wish it didn’t fall on Easter weekend given that many are busy during this period.

Otherwise (#sokenyan), kudos to The Arbor for putting this together. I am certainly looking forward to the next one!

Before I go, how beautiful would an outdoors movie day/night at The Arbor be? What you say, Arbor?

Love and Love,



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