March, oh March. It was mad real! Certainly one of my favourite months of the year because it’s my love, David’s birthday…but it was also such an uphill climb.

I love the idea of monthly blog reflection: Candids from the last month; from people to experiences to pictures to items. Favourites only, because good vibes are all the hype and should be celebrated.

  1. David: David turned 15! 15!!! Time flies and I thank God for walking with him all these years and in all the years to come. Keep shinning, star. Also, planning a 15 year old’s birthday party in 2018 is especially hectic. Ultimately, I am just glad that he enjoyed himself and that we got to spend solid time together.
  2. BK Spaces: as I mentioned here, my mum and I have these gorgeous wares that we’re selling and would love your support! They’re great for gifts, weddings, sitting room, office and bedroom decor…I’ll be waiting for those orders 🙂 Sponsoring the ladies tournament at Vet Lab taught me that opportunity seeks those who seek it, and anything is possible if only you’re bold enough.
  3. Intentional Me Time: at the pinnacle of March self care was spending much needed time relishing in my sweet solitude. I needed the space.
  4. Work: certainly not all occupation related challenges are as easy to overcome as adopting a positive mindset. However in the past month, some weight was lifted through a mind shift.
  5. Pastor Michael Todd and Pastor Steven Furtick: you know the word is captivating when it makes you laugh from the belly out and you find yourself whispering more yeses and wows than you can count. I cannot tell you how many times I hit rewind on their sermons; not just to record the pure wisdom, but to laugh (again) at their hilarious anecdotes. I love discovering new ways to feed my Spirit and these two were the perfect find in March. Perfectly timed, as is everything with God, but still…where y’all been all my life?

Love and Love,



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