Creating Past A Creative Rut

How exciting is the beginning of something new? Whether it be a blog, business or dream that you’ve set the stage on…heck, how exciting is the idea stage?

And just when it’s getting good, life happens: imperfect yet amazing, silly, uninspiring yet fulfilling, everything and nothing at the same time, life.

You get bored, scared, come across speed bumps, naysayers, health issues. It’s a wild roller coaster.

While you must hold on and keep riding, how do you find that which sparks when life brings you to a creative halt?

A couple of practices that have helped me as I go through mine:

1. PRAY: God is everything. By reconnecting and nurturing my relationship with Him, I have re-connected with myself. I have remained anchored and supported. There has been no greater affirmation than knowing that I am covered by God’s grace and love.

2. Work on yourself: Deep dive, ask questions, seek adventure, do something you’ve never done or haven’t done in a while; it will make you feel like you can do just about anything. While I’d love to say I took the leap and went sky-diving, it’s really been as simple as exercising for me. I forgot how much I’d missed it. I’m no fitness fanatic though; so please don’t look for the abs in my fat, expect me to be ‘lifting’ or invite me to your #fitfam parties…yet. Lol.

3. Intention: Be mindful of your space, spend time with people who give you good vibes and in spaces that fill you up.

4. Gratitude: Pursue the wonderful in the mundane, count your blessings, remind yourself of your gifts. Without discrediting where you’re at, gratitude relives the panic in the valley and helps to get you unstuck. It is at the root of joy.

5. Time out: Step away from your work. Pause, breathe. Laugh as much as you can; in a place that reminds you only of sunshine and ice-cream.

6. Keep going: One step at a time, baby. Just like when you were learning to walk. You will get there; at your pace. Just ensure that there is forward movement.

7. Create: Create out of whatever you’re feeling. Whether for you or for an audience, write, paint, make music…create.

8. Don’t allow: yourself to be shaped by disappointments nor achievements. Yours is inherent and should not be tied to external events. Neither should it be shaped by naysayers or people who do not get it. It’s not for them. You’re not for them.

9. Fear: Whether the cause of your rut or the result of staying in your rut too long, let fear be a feeling, not a determinant. The only true way to conquer it is to overcome. Do it anyway. You have all the permission you will ever need.

10. De-clutter: There is something about de-cluttering that says “I’ve got my life together”. I love spring cleaning when I’m in a funk. I automatically feel a little less overwhelmed because it gives me more space to think, work and be.

Nothing is permanent. The rut will pass.

Also, in case you needed a reminder: you truly want it, so go for it!

What do you do to thrive through a creative rut?

Love and Love,



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