Spring (Cleaning): Why, What, How

Aaah, the joy of Spring…cleaning!

As a recovering hoarder, only recently have I started to enjoy spring cleaning. It not only makes looking for clothes in the morning a lot easier, but also helps me think clearer and creates room for stuff I cherish as opposed to stuff that I have settled for.

When I think about living my best life, I know that it for sure, does not involve settling.

Spring cleaning teaches me to let go, actively rid myself of what does not move me closer to love and intentionally invite what does.


Here are a few ideas on what and how you can Spring clean:

1. Clear your closet: I clear my closet probably once every month. My cousin comes over, takes what she likes and the rest I donate to charity. If something doesn’t make me feel cute, great, magical–it’s got to go: let me make room for something that will. Also, if someone will appreciate a particular shirt more, why not let them have it? Giving does remarkable things for the spirit.

2. Your phone: Clear out your camera roll of the 1000 similar selfies. Delete what you don’t need, keep away what you don’t need now and make room to capture more memories. Oh, and please arrange your laptop folders; this will make tasks easier to execute as a direct result of better organisation.

3. Your bedroom and work space: Your bedroom should be an escape, a place to relax–not in piles of dirty laundry or old books but in an airy, clutter free space. Whenever my room is well arranged, I feel a lot more at ease. Speaking of relaxed, how stressful is an untidy work space? While mine is currently a pretty basic desk, do more to make yours inspiring. Photos of loved ones, your favourite coloured pens, a notebook and post its ought to do the trick.

4. Negative thoughts, vibes and insecurities: I kinda have a feeling that these never go away. Not completely at least. However, we have the power to control how much negativity we allow into our lives, and how much influence it has over our decisions. Write your negative thoughts down; all that gives you bad vibes and that which flames your insecurities. Once you have these clearly penned, it becomes easier to figure out what’s got to go.

5. Anything that’s holding your dreams back: Over the past couple of months, I have had to admit some hard truths to myself about why I haven’t been going for what I want. Every time I have an excuse, I now know what the root is and can overcome it with affirmation, prayer and action. Makes this dream pursuit thing less exhausting.

Watchu getting rid of boo?

Love and Love,


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