My Two Year Break From Blogging

And the chaos within me found balance.

I haven’t published anything on Bloomkalture in two years. Okay, in the spirit of confession, I have also postponed writing this post for two weeks – crazy how excuses are always there for you – like that friend you can call when you need to talk at 4 AM, there. Moreover, the less you do something, the more difficult it becomes to do. 

Nonetheless, getting back to blogging has been in my heart and prayers for a minute and I couldn’t be happier to be honouring my journey in this way.

Rediscovering my passion for writing and creating has taken time and deep work. To be honest, the break started out unintentionally. I kept shelving the blog until one month passed, then six months then a year and I eventually decided to be intentional about my hiatus. I needed the pause – to process life, without opening myself up to the world in the way that running a blog requires. We’re living in complex times with so much demanding our attention: an externalised culture, where we are constantly pulled outside ourselves by our work, relationships, social commitments, technology – you name it. I needed to simplify my life as best as I could. To carve out time for my soul. For stillness. To reconnect with God. To get a sense of balance. To be present. To unlearn. To grow more into myself.

The journey since April 2018 has been all sorts of ups and downs, changes, weight gain and weight loss, career challenges, lessons in friendship and love, meltdowns and turn ups – just you know, your casual Saturday stroll in these adulting streets.

It’s been the toughest uphill climb (but) with the most beautiful peaks of God’s love. 

Through it all and in true Oprah fashion, here’s what I know for sure:

  • We can create beauty out of chaos. When I started my first blog, I was at a turning point in my life. Today, I am reviving my second blog at yet another turning point (and in the midst of a global crisis). Whatever it takes, in whatever way you can find joy, in whatever way you can help, do it. Find time to open up new worlds within and around you. I promise you, there is gold in the little things.
  • It’s hard when you catch yourself not being you – extend utmost grace to yourself and be honest about the changes you need to make. Keep taking time for yourself until you’re you again. Your spark will return.
  • Embrace the becoming. Don’t be so attached to the ideas you have of yourself nor the expectations others have of you. Embrace the newness of your growth. Allow God to guide you. May His voice be the loudest you hear.
  • Even a strong mind and spirit need constant nurturing. Otherwise, it becomes easy for external events to control you. I’m still working on this, in all honesty, but I am far ahead from where I was a year ago because I am more deliberate with filling my cup.
  • At whatever season of your life you’re in and especially as we collectively fight this pandemic, be kind to yourself.
  • It’s okay to start over. It won’t be fast nor easy – the road might be long but it will be worth it in the end. 
  • When you falter, know that you can recommit to your growth at any time. Never stop believing in your capacity to rise. 
  • Prayer changes everything.

May we (by we, I mean I), continue to rid ourselves of the habits and beliefs that are standing between us and our goals.

Before I go, I read somewhere that “when you feel like your life is not moving forward, it’s because it needs to move deeper. You need to unearth the beliefs that are paralyzing you and write a new story.”

Here’s to writing new stories ?

Sending lots of love and light.




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This Post Has 18 Comments

  1. George Ouma

    Absolutely timely!

  2. Allan

    Welcome back!

  3. Joyce Murigi

    So good!! I am sharing it! I made my comment before I read it and it is in alignment with your article…great minds! Ughali hutoka Kwa unga:

  4. Lisa

    I love love love it Nyambura!! I’m excited you are back and my, don’t I understand almost every aspect of this current blog. It’s amazing to see you blossom through it all and giving a piece of you to us through writing. May God continue to shed more light as you continue to unearth into the great being you were destined to be! Much love your way!!!!

    1. Nyambura Murigi

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words Lisa,
      sending love and blessings right back!

  5. Taragon

    This is beautiful, motivating and inspiring . Welcome back and cheers to more stories.

    1. Flynn

      Thank you so much ,this is beautiful and it really feels me up .

  6. Grace

    This is as beautiful as it is timely, thank you ?

  7. Shiro Faizza

    Good to have you back..

  8. Cate

    A beautiful read.. keep it going my girl.

  9. Your style is very unique in comparison to other people I’ve read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I’ll just bookmark this blog.

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