10 Simple Bedroom Organisation Ideas

Make space for what matters.

Your bedroom should be a place of comfort, calmness and tranquility – it is after all, where you start and end your day. It’s however hard to feel grounded when you’re surrounded by disorganisation. So, whether you’re working with a spacious area or a little nook, these simple organisation tips will help you keep your room tidy by maximising your surroundings. Best part is, they require little effort and time.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Make your bed:

Making your bed as soon as you wake up gives both your day and room a sense of order. Besides getting your day started right, it’s one of the simplest and most important steps in making your room look tidy and styled. Not to mention, making your bed every morning is bound to lift your mood – take it from Gretchin Rubin, author of The Happiness Project.


As covered in greater depth in this post, de-cluttering not only makes looking for clothes easier but also creates room for stuff you cherish rather than stuff you’ve settled for. In any case, how are you going to host solo dance parties if your room is covered in piles of unnecessary items?

One of the ways I create space is by using the “one in, one out” rule – when I purchase something new, an old item has to go in its place. If you could use some help in curbing your shopaholic tendencies, this one’s for you.

Clothes hamper: 

Contrary to popular practice, dirty laundry does not belong on the floor. A foldable clothes hamper (placed in a laundry corner of choice) or one that is built-in (in the bathroom), is practical and effective in ensuring your floors are clear as day and your dirty clothes are kept separate from your clean ones.

Box everything:

If you’re like me and enjoy diving into the woods of organisation, you’ll find that savvy storage boxes are the gift that keep on giving. Acting as both decorative items and great organisers, I use mine to store random items (e.g. my steamer, blow dry, flat iron and fairy lights), bulky sweaters and my cherished collection of socks.

IKEA and Miniso are the absolute plugs for these.

Two tiered night stand:

Using a two-tiered night stand is perfect because it offers more space to store your bedside necessities. Keep items at the top at a minimum (mine has pictures of my family, my Bibles and 3 scented candles) and leave the bottom section for books, tea bags (don’t ask – I’m obsessed), your tablet and whatever other essentials.

One that matches your headboard, walls or curtains will give your room a decorative edge.

Organise your jewellery:

…by adding hooks to your wardrobes. This works particularly well for necklaces. I don’t know about you but if it’s not in my line of sight, chances are I will not wear it. Jewellery hooks not only provide a beautiful display, but also keeps your necklaces untangled. As for earrings and bulkier jewellery, pretty gift boxes and acrylic storage boxes work really well.

Hang with a plan:

I initially used to colour code my wardrobe then later opted to organise it in a more functional manner, i.e., hanging according to different categories: pants, skirts, dresses and blouses – makes it easier to find clothes as and when they’re needed.

Speaking of organisation, I’m looking forward to trying this Marie Kondo style of folding clothes so as to better utilise my drawer space. Who’s with me?

Storage furniture:

Invest in upholstered storage furniture or a trunk that you can place at the foot of your bed – these are perfect for holding less frequently used towels, throws, pillows and bedsheets and also double up as decor…ah-mazing!

Shoe rack:

From shoe organisers to wall hangers, there are plenty of strategies for storing and displaying your shoes. Given the variation in style, shape and heel size, different shoes require different solutions. I, for instance, use a straw shoe rack to display my heels in my bedroom, while my sandals, flats, boots and sneakers are arranged in a built-in shoe storage in another part of the house.

Due to space limitations, I picked a style of shoes to display in my room and stacked the rest away – the idea here is to custom make your solution according to your needs and space.

Trash can: 

Keep it simple and stylish, but please have a trash can in your bedroom or bathroom. Disposing of your trash (crumpled paper, chewing gum wrappers, eye pencil shavings etc) immediately is truly the ABC of keeping your room clean.

When it comes to organising your bedroom, remember to integrate ideas that keep your space clutter free, create a relaxing environment and allow you to express your personal style.

Happy organising – and please feel free to share any additional tips that you’ve found to be helpful!


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