Why You Should Celebrate Small Wins

Small wins have transformational power; one small win sets other small wins in motion which eventually lead to greater accomplishments.

Remember how excited we would get over the tiniest of details as children, and how enthusiastic we were about life as a result? Why do we as adults limit our happiness? As it happens, we typically don’t have a problem feeling guilty about our missteps but when it comes to being proud of our accomplishments, it’s easy to let the moment slip through the cracks.

Celebrating small wins does not in any way denote complacency – rather, it’s a practice that pushes us to fully show up for ourselves. According to the progress principle, making and nourishing meaningful progress can make all the difference in how we feel and perform in the long run. To be clear, you’reĀ  celebrating who you’re becoming, acknowledging a successful change of habits and reinforcing the daily steps you need to keep taking to actualise your purpose.

Celebrating small victories keeps us motivated to stay on the path towards reaching our big goals. Here are some ways you can honour your little successes:

Treat yourself

Ice-cream and a good movie are my go-to treats. Whatever works best for you, feel free to keep it simple for the small victories as you work towards a greater reward for a bigger accomplishment. And because dopamine, rewarding yourself will encourage you to keep doing more of what you need to do to achieve the pride, joy and glass of chardonnay tied to celebrating your accomplishments.

Share with your tribe

Encouragement goes a long way in helping us stay on track – there’s something really assuring about sharing your joys and successes with people who love and support you. Not to mention, sharing with the right people helps to keep you accountable.


You don’t have to take two week’s off social media like I once did, but a digital detox, even for one hour, is a great way to be present in your victory. Focus on celebrating you – no distractions.

Get physical

Whether it be developing your own power move, like Bolt’s signature “To Di World”, dancing like Nyambura does or exercising, physically manifesting your victories will boost your energy and leave you feeling more relaxed post hard work and accomplishment.

Write it down

You write down your goals so why not write down your victories too? Not only does journalling help you keep track of small wins that would otherwise go unnoticed, it also allows you to reflect on areas of improvement. If writing is not your thing, taking 10 minutes to meditate before sleep works just fine too.


Thank God for the grace to have made it this far and beseech Him for the strength to keep smashing your goals. Prayer is a sure thing that will carry you through this journey.

Relax – and get creative

Allow your mind to be free of goal chasing for a minute. Take time off. Rest your mind. Recharge. Discover something new. Engage your mind artistically: try a new recipe, colour, learn a new skill, make yourself an at-home-spa treat, travel (post 2020 of course). Just, chill.


Catch those zzz’s. A good night’s rest does wonders for the soul.

May we be encouraged to bask in the glory of all we have accomplished, especially in days as difficult as these. Don’t limit your happiness to grand accomplishments and do remember that the losses count as well. They mean you tried and that you should absolutely keep going ?

In sum, let’s borrow a leaf from passionate football fans who celebrate every pass, kick and goal – they don’t leave their celebrations to the end of the game. And whether their team wins or loses today, they’ll be watching tomorrow with the same energy. So relentless, those ones.




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  1. Chebet

    Such helpful tips to celebrate small wins! I have the tendency to keep moving the goal post and need to keep reminding myself to do it, as you have said, like the footballers. Thank you for the reminder!

    1. Nyambura Murigi

      You’re most welcome Chebet! We definitely get there one goal at a time. You might also find my monthly newsletter helpful – I aim to keep encouraging you to live your best life! Feel free to subscribe here: bloomkalture.com

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