Top Tips For Working Remotely

It’s not enough to just hope for a happy and healthy life; it’s a combination of mindset, routines and habits working together that will get you there.

I can’t help but chuckle at the times I’d yearn for the opportunity to work in a flexible role and now that it’s here, I find myself missing water dispenser conversations and boardroom brainstorms. I miss going to an office (or at least having the option to go to one). The fact that zoom is the closest contact I’ve had with 99% of my team is rich of 2020. Nonetheless, we move. And in moving, I’ve gotten to relish in the perks of working remotely.

What are the perks you ask? Great question!

  1. Work from anywhere: No really, what are borders? Last weekend, I worked from Lerruat Log Resort in Kajiado and to say it was breathtaking is a gross understatement. There’s something about being surrounded by nature that fills me up. Besides the hills, there’s cafe’s, restaurants, the garden, the beach, the bathroom (no judgement here) – venue variety is truly the spice of working from home!
  2. Work dates: I know I’m not the only one who misses being surrounded by people and hearing the buzz of my workmates typing away. However, just because we’re no longer in an office doesn’t mean we cannot make working a group activity. Whether with your team members or with your buddies, all I’m saying is I recently had a work date with two of my friends and it was all the rage.
  3. Intermittent fastingThis is right up the alley of healthy habits I’ve been able to accommodate now that I’m working from home. I typically eat breakfast at 11, something I found difficult to do when I was in an office. Maybe it’s all the fast food joints I’d pass on my way to work, the fact that everyone around me would be eating from 9 AM or that I used more energy running up and down. Fact is, I snack less and make healthier food choices – my body feels better for it and so does my mind.
  4. Work-life balance: Working from home sometimes means no separation of the two but if you’re as wise as I know you are, you’ll recognise that this is the perfect opportunity to balance work with other important areas of your life e.g. if you didn’t get a chance to work out in the morning, you can easily find time to do so later in the day.
  5. Money savings: Less fuel, less taxi fees, less money spent eating out – more money in your pocket.
  6. Customisable work space: Pink seats, ergonomic chairs, marble tables, sticky notes on a little notice board – whatever you want, you got it.

And what habits help? You ask the best questions!

(I’m at superstar level for some of these and others, well, let’s just say they are a work in progress).

  1. Communication is key: Communicating online has never been easier but it takes a special skill to communicate well online – a skill that can be harnessed by updating your team daily, turning on Slack notifications, replying to emails within 24 hours, actively participating in meetings (turn on those video cams guys) and when in doubt, over-communicating. Transparency creates trust and synergy within the team and helps to keep you accountable. Plus, it doesn’t have to be all business. We for instance organise team happy hours and fun weekend challenges.
  2. Keep your work area tidy: I’m in the process of setting up a proper work space but I know that once I’m consistently working from a comfortable chair and clutter free desk, my productivity will be fuelled.
  3. Organise your desktop: Onto more masterful matters, keeping my desktop clear is one of the habits that has helped keep my mind clutter free. I don’t know about you, but looking at 100 files and screenshots sprawled across my desktop will definitely make me want to close my laptop – not use it to work.
  4. Chat with your co-workers: Checking in with your workmates adds a much needed social element to your work. Reach out and organise one on one’s, you never know where work bestie could be hiding!
  5. Keep your phone at bay: If my phone’s right next to me, there’s a high chance I’ll be scrolling down Instagram in between tasks. I either leave it in my room or if it’s next to me, turn off my wifi and mobile data.
  6. Set timers: Timing my tasks as well as my breaks helps me focus and rest accordingly (a combination which me gets my productivity at a 10).
  7. Dress up for work: I definitely spend most of my time in sweats and tights. However, on the days I actually dress up, my attitude matches up and so does my productivity. So, get up, get active and get ready or was it look good, feel good?

I’m sure there’s a lot more work-from-home hacks that I’ve missed, but that’s where you come in – drop your tips in the comments 🙂

Happy remote working!




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Top Tips For Working Remotely

It’s not enough to just hope for a happy and healthy life; it’s a combination of mindset, routines and habits working together that will get