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It’s A Mess. It’s Beautiful.

I love it when I meet someone who reads and even more, loves my blog. My heart automatically breaks into a happy dance. Occasionally, I do come across one or two who presume, directly or allusively, that I am perfect. The truth is, I mess up a lot. I do.

Create Like No One Knows Your Name

I am a big believer in the universe. Timing. Energy. God. Did I just write big? Pardon me, huge. Pretty sure they carry the same meaning but huge feels right. Just like writing. Writing feels so right. Vanilla ice-cream on a hot summer’s day right. Despite feeling right, it has not

23 Things You Should Never Apologise For

23 has been on my mind lately, albeit the fact that it is a little over a month away. Trust me though-if adulting so far is anything to go by, I am in no hurry. No sir. However, there is one fitting mood as I make my entree: #Iaintsorry. Thank

University Tips & Advice

Are you a fresher? In first year and a little confused? Interested in a somewhat heart-to-heart? Want to watch something that will have you thinking “yaasss girl! I can totally relate”? CLICK ON THE LINK ALREADY! Remember to subscribe to my youtube channel, hey! Love and Love, Nyambura.

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