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March Faves

March, oh March. It was mad real! Certainly one of my favourite months of the year because it’s my love, David’s birthday…but it was also such an uphill climb. I love the idea of monthly blog reflection: Candids from the last month; from people to experiences to pictures to items.

You Are A Work Of Art

Today, going forward, make your bed work for you. Whatever hardship, whatever obstacle, whatever doubt…make it work for you. Hold on to your Faith. May it be bigger than your fear. Do not limit God. A deep sense of belief in yourself is everything, & it absolutely can be cultivated.

October Faves

Lit, Lit, Lit!!! I’ve been 24 about 2 weeks now but ya girl is already feeling brand new. My birthday month could have been no better. I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. 🙂 I love the idea of monthly blog reflection: Candids from

It’s A Mess. It’s Beautiful.

I love it when I meet someone who reads and even more, loves my blog. My heart automatically breaks into a happy dance. Occasionally, I do come across one or two who presume, directly or allusively, that I am perfect. The truth is, I mess up a lot. I do.

A Reminder: When it gets difficult

It’s raining. I love the rain. Out here in these smart streets, they call me a pluviophile. I am a pluviophile. A pluviophile whose life is dealing a crash course on a number of lessons. I’m ultimately really grateful. Things could be worse. That, and there is hope tied to

Quarter Life Crisis

Adulting is not easy… but you already know that. I’m at the quarter life crisis stage. From what I have read, it happens somewhere between your mid 20s and early 30s. My transition from university to being a working adult has been unsettling. Life just seems harder than it’s been; not

Happy Is She Who Likes Herself

I have this pretty necklace with my name on it, in Arabic. I got it as a 19th birthday gift from one of my first friends in uni and immediately loved it! At the time though, there was a lot of building tension, with regard to national security.  So much

You Are Not For Everyone and You Cannot Do Everything

What do I know for sure? Other than this being the almost-title of my favourite book, it is a question that has recently lingered in my mind. More so, when I have found myself in a mental tag-of-war of sorts. Over the past few weeks, I have been reminded of

Thriving Past Self-Disappointment

One of the toughest situations I have had to deal with, and seek strength to get through, is disappointing myself. Ne-Yo and Cher LLoyd sang it perfectly: “it’s like falling down, and everyone’s watching.” The journey involves inevitable bumps. It just so happens that these are sometimes a result of

How Do You Learn To Love Yourself?

How often do you look back at it? Your journey, your life, your story? I have been here 22.8 years. That’s 272 months. Approximately: 1,185 weeks; 8,300 days; 497,952 hours. Mine, has been nothing short of a magnificent love story between God and I. So many transcendent moments that serve as

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